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The Key to Happiness

How to be happy is a question that is asked a lot these days. What does it mean to be happy anyways? Webster’s defines happy as:

adjective \ˈha-pē\
1. feeling pleasure and enjoyment because of your life, situation, etc.
2. showing or causing feelings of pleasure and enjoyment
3. pleased or glad about a particular situation, event, etc.

So how exactly does one become happy? Where do you start? Continue reading The Key to Happiness


I have no idea what I’m doing with my life

How many times have you heard this? Or even thought this? You’re not alone. Whether you’ve finished college, you’re applying for college, you’ve decided college isn’t the right path for you, everyone tells you you should know where you’re headed. But is that really the only option?

Feeling like the weird one because you don’t have your college and career path picked out at 17 is more common than you’d think. Continue reading I have no idea what I’m doing with my life

Health and Wellness doesn’t have to be hard

This title may have been inspired by the fact that I need to convince myself of this.  If you’re like me you think of being healthy or being on a diet as eating terrible food you hate for the rest of your life.  That’s not true, and changing the way we think about it is the first step to becoming healthier with the added benefit of losing that weight you don’t want. Continue reading Health and Wellness doesn’t have to be hard

Put crap in get crap out

I learned something today that may seem obvious to a lot of people and yet to others be something we may have never given two thoughts about. My friends I’m talking about food.

How many times do we go to the bathroom after a long day of eating crap food and wish to god we wouldn’t have had that last triple cheeseburger or all that cheese sauce on our nachos?  How many of us have had food poisoning before from a late night terrible food choice and never wanted to eat again?  But yet how many more of us just eat junk food everyday and it doesn’t really give us a problem?  Or so we think. Continue reading Put crap in get crap out


Do you ever question things? Not just the big things but even the small. I’m talking questioning some things you do everyday.

Like why do I get up at this time every morning? Is it because I have to, is it because I want to, is there a better time to make my day better? Why do I eat this for breakfast? Is it convenient, is it healthy, do I just not eat breakfast at all?

Questioning your choices everyday could lead to a better day. Maybe you find out that doing the exact same thing everyday makes you miserable. Or maybe you will find some time in your day you didn’t know you had. Or maybe you will just find new ways to make yourself happy.

Have you questioned anything today? Has it caused you to make a change?

Health can be Simple

The last few months, I have not been using shampoo and conditioner and for that matter, i haven’t been using deodorant either.  I’m sure that got a few eye brow raises.  You’re probably thinking, oh god she’s got to stink and look so greasy!

You know what, I don’t.  I haven’t smelled bad at all.  I’ve been using coconut oil as “deodorant.”  I got tired of rubbing aluminum under my armpits along with countless chemicals.  Have you ever read the ingredients list on your deodorant?  Wow! Continue reading Health can be Simple

See what you want to see

Have you ever noticed how some people are just miserable all the time no matter the good things that can happen? You know the ones I’m talking about that could win the lottery and still be mad because they didn’t get more money.

How often do we do this to ourselves? Wake up in the morning and you’re mad because you didn’t get ten more minutes of sleep instead of being happy you did sleep. Or, something didn’t quite go right at work so you let it ruin your day.

What if you just stop thinking negatively about things? What if you woke up ten minutes early and used that ten minutes to plan your outfit, make coffee, or actually east breakfast? Continue reading See what you want to see