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Getting a “real job”

Why do I need a real job? Why do I have to go to college? I’ve been told for awhile through high school and there after that I need to get a real job and stop working in food. I need to go to college so j can get a real job.

Of course I was stupid and I listened to what others said was best for me. I went to college. I hated it. I ended up getting a license I did nothing with and then what did I do? Continued to work the same job I was working through high school and college. Continue reading Getting a “real job”



This is an article from one of my favorite blogs http://www.KimandJason.com :

“If you live in America in the 21st century you’ve probably had to listen to a lot of people tell you how busy they are. It’s become the default response when you ask anyone how they’re doing: ‘Busy!’ Continue reading Busyness