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It’s been a little quiet over here at moving beyond the box! I’ve had some health problems going on and quite a few migraines. I figured it’s about time to do something about it.

What have I been doing exactly? Getting my butt up off the couch and moving. Taking the dog for a walk every day, making a point to walk a little further, taking that extra trip across the house instead of being lazy, and cleaning instead of watching TV. My what little things can do to make you feel better!

As for my diet, I haven’t had fast food in a few days and I feel great. I’ve been eating less processed stuff and more fruits and veggies. The difference was overnight.

Keep in mind way may work for me may not work for you. This is just what I’ve been up to.


Online Cooking Class

If you’re like me you’re not very great at cooking. Or at the least, not quite sure where to start making REAL food. A fellow blogger is one of the people doing the videos and has posted this and I decided to share because it may be just what you need.

Check it out from fellow blogger over at Hollywood Homestead. Seemed like a great idea and I knew I had to share with you guys! Have you signed up for the class yet? Continue reading Online Cooking Class

Health and Wellness doesn’t have to be hard

This title may have been inspired by the fact that I need to convince myself of this.  If you’re like me you think of being healthy or being on a diet as eating terrible food you hate for the rest of your life.  That’s not true, and changing the way we think about it is the first step to becoming healthier with the added benefit of losing that weight you don’t want. Continue reading Health and Wellness doesn’t have to be hard