Welcome to Moving Beyond The Box! A blog for ideas that are not necessarily conventional but, amazing in their own way. Ideas from health and wellness to career to mental health.

I’m Anin. A fun loving, nutty out going person who loves to ask “why?”

My goal is to share unconventional ideas and get you thinking about ways to change or improve your life. Have you ever felt as though your life has been standing still? Then you’re at the right place!

This blog is a compilation of my research, readers thoughts, and crazy ideas that come to me that make me wonder, “why” or “why not?” Life isn’t always about routine but about finding new ways to make things better and more exciting. Because after all you’re supposed to only live once right?

A fair warning for all, this blog may seem strange or crazy but never fear, just because it’s out there doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. So sit back, click your mouse, ask why, ask me questions, and enjoy the ride!

Check me out on Facebook too at Facebook.com/movingbeyondthebox


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