I have no idea what I’m doing with my life

How many times have you heard this? Or even thought this? You’re not alone. Whether you’ve finished college, you’re applying for college, you’ve decided college isn’t the right path for you, everyone tells you you should know where you’re headed. But is that really the only option?

Feeling like the weird one because you don’t have your college and career path picked out at 17 is more common than you’d think. At 17 you’re still a child whether you feel it or not. You shouldn’t be expected to know what you’re going to do with the next 50 years of your life, you have no experience. So why are you expected to choose your life career at 17?

So why is it different in your early-mid twenties? You still have hardly any experience even if you went to college. Why is it so weird for someone who is in their twenties to not know what they’re doing? Or for that matter changing their career path. There are other options than just getting a “job” or a “career.”

So what can I do?

    • Start a business

    It doesn’t have to be full time but do what you want and get paid for it!

    • Go Travel!

    If you’ve got a little money saved up or you’re just that good at finding bargains go travel, get some experience to find what you want to do in life.

    • Blog!

    Whether it’s for yourself for fun or for money, if you do it right you can make money blogging.

    • Do something you never thought you could

    Dog training, Life coach, Tutor, anything that you never thought you could make money at you probably can

    • Odd jobs

    You can work odd jobs or entry level jobs until you figure it out there’s no shame in that.

    Here it is plain and simple. Although it may not feel right, it’s perfectly OK to have NO idea what you’re doing with your life. You have time to figure it out. Enjoy the ride, experience something, do things you couldn’t do with a “real job.” As long as you manage your money and have a plan, does it really matter what you’re “doing with your life?”

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