Are we racing through life?

How many of us are racing through life not bothered with slowing down to smell the roses? It’s a fast pace move or get out of the way world out there these days. We’re all in such a hurry to be the next best thing, make the next biggest thing, do the newest cool thing but, at what cost?

We’ve been increasing the speed of our life so significantly that instead of gaining more time and more opportunity we actually seem to be losing it. We’re so focused on how much stuff we can cram into a minute that we’re not enjoying the things we are doing. What happened to the good time of enjoying what you do? Now it all seems to be about production.

What can we do to change that? Simple. Put down the smart phone, quit multitasking, take a deep breath, and slooooow down. We only need to do one thing at a time. At least in our personal lives. If we move too fast we miss the good stuff. You ever sit back and thing about your age and go, “wow, how did I get here?” That’s what I’m talking about.

Life isn’t about the things you do, it’s more about how and why you do them and if you enjoy them. Life is unpredictable. You may be gone tomorrow. Would you rather end your life knowing you enjoyed it and did all you could or would you rather end your life with regret and self pitty for the good times you did not enjoy?


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