Health and Wellness doesn’t have to be hard

This title may have been inspired by the fact that I need to convince myself of this.  If you’re like me you think of being healthy or being on a diet as eating terrible food you hate for the rest of your life.  That’s not true, and changing the way we think about it is the first step to becoming healthier with the added benefit of losing that weight you don’t want.

I’ve read many articles on different health and wellness webistes about staying away from sugar, eating more protien, not poisoning your body with chemicals you don’t need but, I don’t think it’s really clicked until just now.  I read a fantastic article on Life Hacker that you can find right <a href=”“>Here</a> that said all of those same concepts but here’s the kicker, it doesn’t sound hard!

Maybe just maybe the hardest part of getting healthy, is our perception of how hard it is to get healthy.  Simple changes are all that seems to be needed.  Personally I think it’s nearly impossible to cut out your sugar consumption (and I’m talking refined sugar you find in man made foods not fruits) completely unless you have an iron will at which point, you probably have a fantastic diet already!  But, that doesn’t mean we can’t make choices here and there to change our consumption of sugar.

Making simple changes such as swapping out a fruit for a candy bar or at the very least getting a nice high grade organic chocolate where you know what’s in it, is better than trying to deny yourself any sugar.  Or changing out a veggie instead of a whole bag of chips.  It might not sound like fun at first but you don’t have to change over night.  You can ease into it.

Take a food swap challange and this is what I think I will be doing.  For every meal swap out one terrible thing for one good thing.  And don’t get something just becase it’s healthy or you won’t eat it.  Choose it because you like it.  If I absolutely can’t stand guacamole I’m not going to choose it because it’s super healthy and I hate it otherwise I won’t eat it.  I’ll pick carrots instead!

So anyone struggling like me to become a bit more healthy, lets focus on a slow change into health because most of us can’t change overnight.


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