Why let fear have all the fun?

How often does fear hold you back? More often than you may think. Fear is that little voice that tells you not to do something because something may go wrong.

How far can you move if you’re paralized by fear? Not very. Sometimes well maybe most times, moving beyond your comfort zone (or ahem, the box) is where the fun and the magic happens. That’s where you find new experiences and new things. But, its so scary! What is life without a little risk?

Think of all of the times you’ve taken a small risk. Maybe gone on a date you thought wouldn’t work or, asked for that raise at work, or even tried a new hobby. Now remember how awesome that turned out. And even if it didn’t, it probably didnt turn out as terrible as you thought it would. Now what would the rest of your life be like if once in awhile you told that voice of fear to shut up?

What have you risked lately? What are you debating on doing? This is your sign. Go try it. It will probably be amazing!


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