What is the purpose of life?

Today I answer the age old question of what is the purpose of life. Well, what is it? I think we all know the answer but it’s so obvious that we don’t even notice it.

To learn. We spend our entire life learning. And I’m not talking that joke of an experience called “school” I’m talking about what you do everyday.

Everyday you experience things and you learn from that experience. Anything so simple as you go out in the rain and turn around and get an umbrella to something as complex as not being possessive in a relationship. Everyday you learn.

Just think about what your life would be like if you quit learning today. If you never grew from this point forward. How sad would your life be? You would be stuck in a loop so to speak. But yet, everyday you have an experience or many that teach you something.

If you don’t think the purpose of life is to learn, watch a child for a few minutes. Children are constantly learning, testing, playing, challenging, observing, but they never stop learning. That doesn’t change as we get older we just no longer notice these things. They become part of our everyday life.

So then wouldn’t that indeed be the purpose of life? What have you learned today?


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