Put crap in get crap out

I learned something today that may seem obvious to a lot of people and yet to others be something we may have never given two thoughts about. My friends I’m talking about food.

How many times do we go to the bathroom after a long day of eating crap food and wish to god we wouldn’t have had that last triple cheeseburger or all that cheese sauce on our nachos?  How many of us have had food poisoning before from a late night terrible food choice and never wanted to eat again?  But yet how many more of us just eat junk food everyday and it doesn’t really give us a problem?  Or so we think.Today I was indulging my inner fat kid with cookies and cheetos and enjoying it all.  That was until I got off work.  It wasn’t your typical “Oh god my stomach!”  It was more, the everyday notion that we all seem to over look.  I’m talking about the feeling of being tired and irritable that we all seem to associate with a long day at work.

I came home to feed my dog and noticed that she was driving me more nuts than usual.  Not to mention, my cats were meowing and I was starting to get enraged.  All I could think was I’m so tired and these animals are making me so angry!  But then a thought occurred to me.  Why tonight, am I so angry and tired when yesterday was a similar schedule with similar things and I was in a great mood?

That’s when it dawned on me.  Yesterday I didn’t necessarily eat healthy but, I didn’t eat like Wal-mart was banning the snack aisles!  How often do we think about the cliche “you are what you eat” and “you get out what you put in” when it comes to food?  We hear it so often we don’t hear it anymore.  It’s in one ear and out the other.

Maybe we should listen to our bodies.  Maybe if we’re tired and irritable and crabby, there’s something more to the picture than a bad day at work.  Or maybe it is just a bad day at work.  But if everyday is a bad day and you’re not even working, maybe it’s time to reevaluate some life choices and make better decisions about what we put in our body.  Besides, it knows better than we do what it needs to function.


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