See what you want to see

Have you ever noticed how some people are just miserable all the time no matter the good things that can happen? You know the ones I’m talking about that could win the lottery and still be mad because they didn’t get more money.

How often do we do this to ourselves? Wake up in the morning and you’re mad because you didn’t get ten more minutes of sleep instead of being happy you did sleep. Or, something didn’t quite go right at work so you let it ruin your day.

What if you just stop thinking negatively about things? What if you woke up ten minutes early and used that ten minutes to plan your outfit, make coffee, or actually east breakfast?

When something unfortunate happens what if instead of thinking of everything that’s gone wrong you notice what is still going right. Or you see the positive out come out of a bad situation.

For instance, one of my dogs had to get stitched back together that was a huge downer. Then we got news that he had a mass on his chest that they had to remove. I could be all upset because of all the terrible things that happened that day or, I could be thankful that there was an opportunity to have that mass removed before it became harmful.

Life isn’t out to get you but, are you out to get you?


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