Stress Relief

Stress is something that kicks all of our butts. So what do we do about it? You hear so much about how stress can kill you and it makes you fat and it makes you sick but no one seems to have an answer on how to destress.

Here are a few ideas to add to your collection:

Exercise. Don’t have equipment? Run up and down a flight of stairs, lift milk jugs or cans, run around the block, do jumping jacks, check out YouTube for videos.

Sleep. Yeah I know sleep is hard to do when you’re stressed but it’s not going to be any better if you don’t at least try.

Take a bath! An Epsom salt bath is an amazing relaxer and full of magnesium which is great for your body.

Eat healthy. Stay away from crappy sugar and anything you can’t pronounce. Eat food that you know where it came from and is real. Avoid the fast food lifestyle.

Play hookey. Yeah sometimes it’s necessary to take a mental break from work.

Friends. Be social! If you don’t have anyone free, go out and meet someone new.

Change. Just change some simple things in your life to make it easier. If life is a little easier you’ll be less stressed.

Get a hobby. Put down the Facebook on your phone or tablet and go out and find a hands on hobby. Spend less time with screen time and more time with real people and real things.

Routine. If you have one break it once in awhile. If you don’t, maybe it’s time to create one (just make sure you know when to stray from it).

Learn to say no. This is a pretty common one that no one listens to. You can’t say yes to everything. It’s great to want to take on the world but even the greatest people need some time to relax to actually conquer the world.

What do you do for stress relief?


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