Life changes

I read an article the other day that stated the best way to make a life or lifestyle change is to commit to doing it everyday, not once a week or twice a week but everyday. I think that’s pretty true.

If you commit to doing something everyday you’re less likely to make up excuses to not do it. If you make it a commitment to do it only once or twice a week you’re more likely to make plans or forget about it or when you get there feel lazy and not do it and then you haven’t accomplished anything.

Few things are better to ease in but some things you just need to jump in both feet. It’s like getting into a cold pool. If you try and ease in you have a lot of time to chicken out but, if you jump straight in you’re already there before you can chicken out.

What type of changes will you be making in your future? Will you be jumping in both feet or easing into the transition?


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