Getting a “real job”

Why do I need a real job? Why do I have to go to college? I’ve been told for awhile through high school and there after that I need to get a real job and stop working in food. I need to go to college so j can get a real job.

Of course I was stupid and I listened to what others said was best for me. I went to college. I hated it. I ended up getting a license I did nothing with and then what did I do? Continued to work the same job I was working through high school and college.

Well I let other people get me down with their “real jobs” and let myself feel like a failure. I let myself hate a job I loved because I was told it wasn’t good enough, it wasn’t real, I could do better. Never once did I stop and ask myself if it was good enough for me, if it made me happy.

So I eventually got a “real job.” It was great for awhile but it definitely wasn’t what I expected. I wasn’t used to handling silly work time politics and doing things that made no sense.

So I tried another “real job” and at this point was working three jobs. Why? Because that’s what was expected of me. To be an adult I had to work so hard I had no time for myself. I was “busy” all the time. But was I happy? Did I ask myself that? I was for a little while then it got too much.

Politics ended my first “real job.” So I was happy I was down to two jobs. Then my second “real job” cut back hours because it was finally fully staffed.  So I’m back to working food. And a little of the other job. I’m back to the job I’ve had all along.

So after a few years I finally asked, why does it matter if it’s a “real job?” Am I happy? Does it pay the bills? Do I have time to see friends? Has my stress level gone down? Yes.

So why did it matter what others told me? Why did it matter if it was “real” to them? It was real to me the whole time and I just didn’t see it.

It seems these days in adulthood you have to “have a real job” and be “busy” as much as you can to be “happy.” I don’t think you can be that busy and still be happy unless you’re doing what you love regardless of if its a “real job” or not.

It took me 6 years to escape this adultitus ridden thought. Its not the view others put on you its the view you put on you.


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