I’ve been told all my life you have to go to school to make something of yourself.  I don’t find that true anymore.  And not to mention I don’t know if I ever did, I just took it as if everyone says it it must be right.  I don’t think it is.  I can learn on my own.

I don’t need college to tell me how to do my job.  What happened to the days of on the job experience out weighing reading directly from text books?  That’s how my dad learned everything he knows, working in the field. That’s how I’m learning everything I know in group homes.  Hands on in the field training.  Some things may lend better to a classroom but, not most.  Life isn’t spent reading it out of a manual so why should the learning be either?

Don’t limit yourself to what other people tell you is right for you, find out on your own.  You know you better than anyone else.


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