You can’t live on a schedule

Do you ever feel like everyday of your life is scheduled? Yeah me too. Today I realized you can’t live on a schedule like that. You can’t plan everything! If you plan everything when something comes along and changes it you don’t know what to do so you melt down.

That’s exactly what happened today. Something threw me off track and I lost it. I was even thinking to myself why couldn’t I have lost it after work, or tomorrow? Well duh cause you can’t plan everything!

If you could you’d always put off the bad stuff and never learn your lesson. Today’s challenge is to stop making schedules that don’t exist! Yeah you have to go to work to make money but after work you don’t have to eat dinner at the same exact time or take your shower at the same exact time!

Do something different. Something you “don’t have time for.” Stop being an “adult” and be you! Imagine how liberated you will feel!


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