Day by day

Sometimes you just have to step back relax and take life day by day. Yes its good to look at the future and plan fir it but sometimes it’s so overwhelming. Sometimes its best to just think about today. What do I need to accomplish today what do I want to do today.

You don’t always know what tomorrow will hold or even if you’ll be around for tomorrow. Again I say life is all about balance. You can’t be do impulsive and not think about the future but you also can’t live only in the future. Find your balance of happy now while also trying to plan for happiness in the future.

You can’t control anything beyond your actions, your reactions to things, your thoughts, and your emotions. As long as you know you’re doing the best you can then you’re right on track.

Im trying to live by my own words and advice. Which is more tricky than it sounds. Im also trying to master self control. Also more difficult than it sounds.  Feel free to share your thoughts on life, balance, or even self control. I enjoy everyones thoughts and opinions.


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