Crossing the line

Now this was sort of inspired by miss Jenna Marbles in her video interview in the moms view. She talked about always crossing a line and making people uncomfortable by stating the obvious.

Why is it that we feel some things shouldn’t be talked about but ignored. Why can’t we learn to laugh at ourselves and stop taking ourselves so seriously? I’ve tried all my life to just make fun of myself a little bit. If I can’t appreciate my flaws who else will?

If you can’t laugh at yourself you’re going to spend a lot of time crying about what people say about you. That’s assuming you chose to listen which I don’t. Unless of course I want a good laugh.

So from now on take that joke to an uncomfortable level and confront why it makes you or anyone else uncomfortable. Maybe you can learn to resolve an issue and let go of something realizing its not nearly as bad as you think it is. Man up! Quit being a wuss and have some fun!


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