Anything is possible

I really learned that everything is possible if you believe. I read a quote the other day “nothing is impossible the word itself says im possible.” I don’t remember the author. Yesterday I overcame a fear I’ve had my entire life. Or rather my adult life.

A lot or people probably don’t know that I have really bad social anxiety. I have my entire life. It runs in my family. One of the biggest things I never thought I could accomplish was going grocery shopping by myself. Sounds super easy to everyone doesn’t it? Its not for me. It scares the shit out of me. But I did it.

I tried to find a million excuses why I couldn’t do it or why I should wait but I eventually just told myself to shut up and go for it. A few months ago I was able to go into Walgreens on my own that was a huge step for me but now that I can go into a grocery store on my own is absolutely amazing. I didn’t think I ever could.

I really think I can do just about anything now. And I think everyone has the capability to conquer their fears. You just have to jump in both feet!


One thought on “Anything is possible

  1. Awesome! Doing things like that alone seems to get easier as I get older. I had to go on a business trip alone a couple years ago and thought the airports were going to be the worst thing ever, but I made it!

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