Life lesson #1

so today life taught me an important lesson. The attitude you use going into a situation ultimately effects the outcome of your situation.

Today I was left at work by myself with a broken oven and Noone to help me make sandwiches. Instead of getting pissed off and being mad at everyone I just went with it with the best attitude I could.

My outcome was I got free lunch, it wasn’t top horrible, and im getting a few extra hours on my paycheck for being here my normal time. My outcome could have resulted in me getting mad at my coworkers or my boss or the customers. I could have ruined other peoples days with my attitude or I could have even quit or got fired.

So how you treat a situation whether its a good one or not, you ultimately make the decision on how its going to effect you. I could be one less job and pissed off right now but instead I’m not hungry I’m getting extra money and I learned a lesson. 🙂


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