Im partially underway with my challenge. Im finding it easier than I thought it would be but still hard as hell. Especially in my romantic life.

I’ve come to notice the last few weeks that the saying life is what you make it is really true. Yes shit happens and bad things happen but how you respond to it is what dictates how happy you are going to be.

With my mom in the hospital all month I could spend my time going why me oh why me but what have I done instead? Tried to make my life better so if I ever end up in the same situation ill die with little or no regrets.

I want to learn things specifically things about myself. I want every day to be as good as I can make it. I want to challenge myself to do things I never thought I could and conquer fears I’ve always had.

Im doing my best to not let life get me down. Shit happens. roll with it.


2 thoughts on “Life

  1. I love you probably more than you will ever know. And like me, you have been through so much. I have been so proud of you. You were always stronger than me and lately you have been proving that you are even stronger. You are doing so well. And your faith will only help your mom and family too. I love you.

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